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Off To The Races

We were off to the races this year for the SON Foundation’s annual gala. This is the fourth year for our owner to sit on the planning committee and the second year of chairing the event. We love being involved in the community and sharing our time and talents to create a beautiful event.

When the committee picked the theme, we were so excited to use multiple patterns and colors to paint a beautiful picture.

First, we start by picking linens for all of our events. The linens provide a base for us to build all of our décor off of. Most of the time we pull linens from different vendors as all of our vendors have different things to offer. For this event, we chose 3 different linens to provide an array of different textures and colors to the room. Below are the 3 different linens we chose. The floral print linen added a bold flavor to the mix. Next we picked a solid color that would complement the bold pattern – we went with a rich coral to pull that color out of the floral print. Finally, we decided to add another pattern to the mix since Derby is all about bold and bright patterns. We chose a royal blue and white stripe as our third linen.

After we choose linens, we start formulating a plan for centerpieces. We knew we wanted to have 4 different looks in centerpieces for this event. When we pick centerpieces, we like to look at the size of the room and try to add height to the room when we can. We decided on two tall designs and two low designs. Our two tall designs added so much height to the room with the bright pink cherry blossoms as well as our large trophy urns with a mixture of greens and bright floral. For the two low designs we wanted to incorporate some derby items to tie everything together so we worked in derby hats with our fresh flowers.

Details, details, details are what we are all about. We tried to think how we could incorporate bow ties in to the table design since we already had derby hats in the centerpieces. We came up with the idea to turn the menu card into a bow tie. We designed the menu card in-house then sent it off to our printer. This

added such a unique and special touch to the tables.

All of the small details are what make up amazing events. We love creating special experiences for our clients. The SON Foundation has become near and dear to us and every year we look forward to helping them continue their mission to provide lodging to cancer patients from out of town.

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