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Transform Your Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather. It has always been a time for great food and lively gatherings, but as the dynamics of the American family change so does the description of the "traditional holiday."

Thanksgiving is not for the sole purpose of sitting around a turkey with your family, but for being thankful for all you have been blessed with. At Bliss Event Design, we believe there are some new and meaningful ways to make that happen. Don't stress! We have 6 tips to transform your same-old Thanksgiving into a trendy turkey (or tofurky) day!

1. Ask for help! Make cooking and prep part of the experience. Set up prep stations and assign jobs. Pair people up, and give them a chance to connect one on one. This is even a great way to get the kids involved.

2. Don't like the idea of prep? Make your Thanksgiving a pitch-in. You might find a new favorite dish. The best part of this idea is less dishes to wash! You can even assign each guest a food to make to compliment a certain type of menu. Encourage people to bring recipe cards so they can share their recipes with others.

3. Maybe you don't want that many cooks in your kitchen. Let's face it, some of us are way more gifted in the kitchen than others. Even if you are a take-charge kitchen host, don't be afraid to branch out. Try at least 1 new recipe or non-traditional dish for your meal. Add some fresh new flavor to an old favorite by looking up some new recipes. Your guests will notice and enjoy!

4. Start a new tradition that has nothing to do with food. Whether it is a game, craft, activity, or just a decoration it is always fun to add new memories to the old ones. Start a family football game, use an interactive table display, or just take time for a family photo or video. These traditions are what make Thanksgiving memorable year after year.

5. Ask your guests about food allergies or special diets ahead of time. There are so many people with sensitivities to certain foods. It is a courtesy to your guests that you make sure to have at least one option for them. Don't try to change your whole meal to meet everyone's needs, but provide on or two allergen free alternatives. Your guests will be extremely grateful.

6. Hosting a holiday or special event can be stressful especially if you are doing it for the first time. Start small. It can be easy to get over-enthusiastic by looking online at what others have done. There are some pretty impressive spreads out there. Pick one. Just one simple addition or change is a great place to start. When all else fails, call in the professionals. We probably shouldn't be trusted to cook your meal, but we can certainly make your decor the envy of all your guests.

We are certainly thankful and blessed by all of our wonderful clients. Don't forget to check out our deal for our Thanksgiving centerpieces starting tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

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